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We’ve gathered a growing list of articles here written both by effect authors and other writers than can shed light on theeffect’s beliefs and positions on specific topics as well as information on subjects in general. For more information on specific beliefs and ideas at theeffect, please see what we believe and take a look below.


Foundational Concepts

As a starting point, there are some very foundational concepts that need to be addressed if we’re going to understand the worldview from which Jesus’ message and teaching comes. The books of the New Testament have been well transmitted to us over the millennia, but in the translation from East to West, we don’t know what some of the most important words mean—words that function as the foundation for the teachings that follow. Here are a few articles to help us get on the same page with the first followers of Jesus and those who wrote about what they understood of his message.



Spiritual Issues

Spirituality and religion are not the same thing. Religion is the practice of spiritual principles in a group setting, but is only as good as its fostering the inner spiritual journeys of each of its members. We still need to take our own spiritual journeys even as we practice our religion in our churches. How is that accomplished? Here are some ways.

centering prayer
centering prayer guide
mindfulness exercises
introduction to contemplative practice video series
the contemplative experience: eBook 1
contemplative practice: eBook 2

Social Issues

Jesus’ message is nothing if not socially relevant. The problem is that if we miss the context of Jesus’ message, we may miss the social relevance of that message as well.

jesus on divorce and remarriage
husbands and wives
women and headcoverings
freely you have received, freely give
jewish talmidi values


Religious Issues

Once again, the message of Jesus is context-sensitive. Do we really understand the religious or theological impact of Jesus’ original intent?

thinking on book of james
seeking the kingdom
taking the kingdom by force?
the beatitudes
unity in the church
the golden rule in other traditions
inspiration and inerrancy of scripture
on praying and the coming of kingdom
religious beliefs in the united states
the breath of god–hebrew/christian spirituality through Hawaiian eyes


Emerging Church

Within Christianity, there are issues surrounding the meaning and impact of what is becoming known as the “emerging” church. As our culture passes from the modern era to the postmodern one, it’s important to understand how “postmodern” thinking can positively affect our style of fellowship and worship in the church as well as our methods of communicating Jesus’ message to younger generations without negatively affecting the content of that message. These two–the content and the container–are often confused and need to be sorted out. These articles may help.

what is the emerging church?
rock harbor position on emerging issues
calvary chapel position on emerging issues
second century youth ministry
swords into plowshares
story of the ooze
emergence and divine order
24 transitions for moving in the 21st century


Historical Issues

Understanding more of the history of the church, especially the early church and the first followers of Jesus, can shed much light on the nature and content of Jesus’ teachings…or are just intriguing.

finding the garden of eden
lord’s prayer in aramaic (audio)
lord’s prayer in aramaic (print)
the didache
early christian symbols
early christian/jewish ties
nazarenes and ebionites
sabbath–1st day or 7th day?
wisdom of the desert fathers/others
prayer of rest


Thoughtful Issues

These are just some interesting and sometimes humorous thoughts and concepts that can help along the Way.

at the edge of inside
elijah and the ants (from the fifth way)
chimps and scientists (from the fifth way)
an allegory
differing worldviews
the importance of today
neither great nor small
a view of hell
does evil exist?
a post-christian conversation


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Everyone is recovering from something… Admitting this is the first step in spiritual life, because any unfinished business in our lives–trauma, unforgiveness, fear-based perceptions–fosters compulsive behavior and keeps us from connecting spiritually and emotionally.

Since we’re all recovering, we accept everyone right as they are—no expiration dates or deadlines. We don’t tell anyone what to believe or do. We present points of view that we hope will engage seekers in their own journey; help them unlearn limiting perceptions, beliefs, and compulsions; give opportunities to get involved in community, building the trust we all need to find real identity, meaning, and purpose. In other words, to engage the transforming Way of living life that Jesus called Kingdom…non-religiously understood from a first century Hebrew point of view.



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Embedded in the fun and laughter of each of our gatherings and events is the connection and accountability as well as the structure, discipline, and opportunity for service that authentic community is all about. We help create programs for physical support, emotional recovery, and spiritual formation that can meet any person’s needs. Such programs work at two levels: first to address a person’s physical and emotional stability—clinical, financial, relational, professional—anything that distracts from working on the second level: true spiritual formation centered around the contemplative way of life defined by an original Hebrew understanding of the message of Jesus.

Rather than telling people what to believe or think, we model and encourage engagement in a personal and communal spiritual journey that allows people to experience their own worthiness of connection and acceptance, to find the freedom from underlying fears that brings real meaning and purpose into focus.


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