theeffect holds regular and semi-regular workshops and studies and hosts special speaker events, seminars, and workshops on topics related to both spirituality and the activities of daily living that form the balanced physical and relational foundation without which a true spiritual formation is not possible. Regular and semi-regular workshops and studies are listed below, but check our Featured Events and Calendar for details on all upcoming events.


Tuesday Evening Online Conversations
We all want to be heard, listened to, responded to. We all have questions and need to hear what others have to say about their questions, struggles, successes…all of which doesn’t normally happen on Sunday morning where the featured segment is a monolog. Conversations is geared to offer true dialog in a safe environment where no question, observation, comment is out of bounds or unworthy of consideration.

Starting with the previous Sunday’s message as platform for discussion or any topic or question from the group, we launch our Conversation. We call it the “holy hand grenade.” Who’s going to throw the holy hand grenade into the middle of the room and see what happens? It’s amazing the topics we get into and the level of connection we feel in the group.

During the pandemic, we went online, into Zoom rooms to continue our discussion groups, and during that time, we gathered an audience from Minnesota to New York to Tennessee to New Mexico and Arizona and back to California. When the pandemic ended, we decided to keep our groups online so as not to lose our extended family. You can log in and join us every Tuesday night starting at 6:30PM PST and see who’s got the holy hand grenade.

See our Featured Events for more info and Calendar for all events and activities.

Tuesday evenings @ 6:30P PST Online
See the Videos/Streaming page for links and passcodes
More information:  949-547-7107


Wednesday Evening Online Book Study
Our midweek study is not a bible study, but always deals with subject matter relating to scripture, religion, contemplative living and other issues that shed light on ongoing spiritual formation and a deepening of our understanding of spirituality. Moving beyond the entry level, community experience of religious gatherings, these studies are geared for those who are interested in further navigating their interior journeys.

Studies are sometimes classes on specific topics such as the Jewish Jesus or the Development and Transmission of Scripture, but are most often studies on books relating to contemplative practice, spiritual life, or personal development often selected by the group itself. All studies are fully participatory: everyone has opportunity to speak and listen, teach and learn. We don’t attempt to persuade and indoctrinate—we’re here to share ideas and be exposed to new concepts that each person decides are helpful or not along their own journey.

See our Featured Events for the content of our current study and Calendar for all events and activities.
Needed materials are listed.

Wednesday evenings @ 6:30P PST Online
See the Videos/Streaming page for links and passcodes
More information:  949-547-7107


Bible Study/Discussion Group
Every Sunday morning, before our regular Sunday gathering at 10A, a small group gathers to discuss scripture in a more in depth way. Topic by topic and verse by verse, looking at various books and passages always from a first century, Hebrew point of view. If we’re really to follow Jesus, we need to first understand his message as his first Hebrew hearers would have understood it. If we’re going to get to the treasure, we first need to be digging in the right spot. Here’s an opportunity to grab a cup of coffee and a bagel and take some time to dig in, then flow into musical worship and a further message in our regular gathering. Topics vary on week by week basis, call number below for more details.

Sunday mornings @ 9:00AM
More information:  949-413-2528


Personal Development Workshop/Courses
theeffect is all about empowering people to engage their own spiritual journeys. This is not a passive or vicarious Way that Jesus laid our for us…we need to travel ourselves. What does that look like? How do we go about it? What are the tools that are at our disposal? Beyond Sunday morning and an intellectual understanding of our religion or faith, what more is there?

Fortunately, there is a rich tradition within Christianity in what is often called the contemplative life. It is a lifestyle marked by a stripping away of everything that is false, distracting, and illusionary, everything that keeps us from knowing the truth that makes us free of needing such illusions and distractions in our lives. The tools range from contemplative practice, meditation and centering prayer, to understanding the purpose of personal devotions and quiet time, to guides such as the enneagram, or classes dealing with grief, resilience, emotional recovery–all geared toward helping us cut through the noise to who we really are and what presence is all about. The workshops are designed in short 4-6 week courses.

See our Featured Events for the content of our current study and Calendar for all events and activities.
Needed materials are available at the studies.

As Announced
More information:  949-547-7107


4th Step Workshops
theeffect also conducts 4th step and other 12 step workshops on a semi-regular basis. If you have a need for Step work or help in other areas and the workshop you need is not immediately upcoming, just call the number below for assistance.

More information:  949-218-2228, Option 3

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Everyone is recovering from something… Admitting this is the first step in spiritual life, because any unfinished business in our lives–trauma, unforgiveness, fear-based perceptions–fosters compulsive behavior and keeps us from connecting spiritually and emotionally.

Since we’re all recovering, we accept everyone right as they are—no expiration dates or deadlines. We don’t tell anyone what to believe or do. We present points of view that we hope will engage seekers in their own journey; help them unlearn limiting perceptions, beliefs, and compulsions; give opportunities to get involved in community, building the trust we all need to find real identity, meaning, and purpose. In other words, to engage the transforming Way of living life that Jesus called Kingdom…non-religiously understood from a first century Hebrew point of view.



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Embedded in the fun and laughter of each of our gatherings and events is the connection and accountability as well as the structure, discipline, and opportunity for service that authentic community is all about. We help create programs for physical support, emotional recovery, and spiritual formation that can meet any person’s needs. Such programs work at two levels: first to address a person’s physical and emotional stability—clinical, financial, relational, professional—anything that distracts from working on the second level: true spiritual formation centered around the contemplative way of life defined by an original Hebrew understanding of the message of Jesus.

Rather than telling people what to believe or think, we model and encourage engagement in a personal and communal spiritual journey that allows people to experience their own worthiness of connection and acceptance, to find the freedom from underlying fears that brings real meaning and purpose into focus.


Effect in Action

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Seeing ourselves as a learning and recovery community that worships together, the focus isn’t on Sunday morning alone, but on every day of the week as we gather for worship, healing and support workshops, studies, 12 step meetings, counseling and mentoring sessions, referral services, and social events.

Our Sunday gathering starts at 10AM and includes worship with one of the best worship bands in the area. We also have online discussion and study groups on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 6:30P PST. See our interactive calendar and our Facebook page to stay in touch with what is happening each week. You can also sign up on our elist for email enews updates.


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