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Remembering Bubba

saturday | february 24 | 10:00 AM |@capo beach church

remembering bubba

See that smile? I’ve been looking at that smile for twelve years, and I will miss it more than I can express. Saying goodbye to a friend is one of the hardest things we do in this life, and here we are trying to do just that with Bubba.

Bob Beauchamp, Bubba to everyone who knew him, was an institution in the AA community, one of the co-founders of theeffect, and has been actively supporting and participating in our recovery ministry ever since. His constant friendship and care has made the past ten years of service possible, and we will miss him personally and professionally. More here on Bubba’s life.

We will be remembering our Bubba, on Saturday, February 24. If you knew Bubba, his smile and laugh and effect on us all, please come be with us and his family to celebrate his life and continue the healing. In lieu of flowers, Bubba’s family suggests memorial contributions to theeffect Recovery Ministry.

For more information, call 949-293-4259

Bob “Bubba” Beauchamp Memorial Gathering
Saturday, February 24, 10AM @ Capo Beach Church
25975 Domingo Ave, Capistrano Beach, California 92624

sunday: a morning with chris falson

sunday | february 25 | 10:00 AM |@theeffect

music/worship: chris falson

Our good friend Chris Falson will be with us to play and tell us his wonderful stories and messages again on Sunday, February 25th. One of the pioneers of contemporary Christian music and a great singer-songwriter and guitarist, Chris has played all over the world, and yet he still loves to come play with us.

Chris will lead theeffect band in worship featuring original songs including some from his latest album, You Got Wings, interspersed with his message and stories for a seamless worship experience. Don’t miss him and the rest of us.

Chris has been a groundbreaking musician and songwriter over the past thirty years or so, ushering in modern Christian worship music and crossover material. From his original home in Australia he has circled the globe and played for heads of state including the Pope in Rome as he conveys his message and music. Now from his home here in California, he has agreed to come be with us as well. It’s an amazing opportunity for us all to hear a truly pioneering artist with an authentically spiritual message.

Click image for more on Chris and his music.

Good Friday

friday | march 30 | 7:00 PM |@theeffect

Good Friday: worship gathering

Good Friday, the Friday before Easter Sunday that commemorates Jesus’ crucifixion and burial has become a tradition of our own at theeffect. We gather at night with lights low and candle lit to move into a more contemplative posture and give the day its reverence and gravity. With the cross covered in purple, clips of movies depicting Holy Week scenes of Jesus’ passion roll in the background while theeffect band plays worship music, and we delve into the deeper meaning of these events and their relevance to us today. We have communion together and physically nail our cares and concerns to a huge cross in preparation for the new life of the resurrection.

Come join us Friday evening, March 30th starting at 7PM for a time of connection and introspection at the end of the Lenten season that will take you on a journey toward Easter.

12 Steps for Everyone


Wednesdays | 5:00 PM | @theeffect/SC

12 Steps for Everyone Course

The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous have been adapted for use far beyond alcoholism and have become recognized as a path to recovery in its most universal sense. Believing that everyone is recovering from something, and that the path to recovery always leads through an actual journey, rite of passage, concrete process of self discovery and transformation–we all need a program we can follow to take us where we really want to go.

Beginning Wednesday, January 24 at 5P, our Recovery Pastor, Frank Billman, CADAC II–certified alcohol and drug addiction counselor, will present the 12 Steps for Everyone. The path through the unfinished business of our lives that have necessitated the obsessive/compulsive thoughts and behavior and emotional instability that diminishes the quality of our lives and personal awareness must have concrete steps and processes if it is to really take us on a meaningful journey.

The 12 Steps re-imagined from this more universal and spiritual point of view is another tool we can use if we can see how it applies to our lives. Come join us for a 12 week course and see how the 12 Steps can work in your life.

Call Frank Billman for more info at 949.547.8635.

book study: the fifth way

wednesdays | 6:00PM |@theeffect

book study: the fifth way

Come join us Wednesday nights @ 6:00PM to read through and discuss selected chapters of the book The Fifth Way: A Western Journey to the Hebrew Heart of Jesus by David Brisbin.

By the group’s choice, we just completed a study of Western Songlines, Pastor Dave’s companion book to The Fifth Way, an application of Jesus’ message understood from a first century point of view to twelve big issues that we face every day in modern life. Now the group has opted to dig into selected chapters of The Fifth Way to deepen our understanding of the Hebrew roots of Jesus’ teaching and the interior journey a modern Westerner must take in order to understand such an ancient, Hebrew message.

From the back cover:

When Jesus of Nazareth presented his view of God and life, he did so in a deeply ancient and Eastern way, a way completely unlike the four ways we normally approach life-a Fifth Way. Deep inside our Western worldviews, there is a difficult intellectual and emotional way to the Way that must be negotiated first, a jarring movement from West to East that brings us only to the starting point, to the gate of the Way to the freedom Jesus promises. There is virtually no major concept of Jesus’ message and teaching that we can take at face value, that we can read as a “simple” meaning once translated into our own language. It’s not that our translations are bad; they’re amazingly accurate. We have the right words-we just don’t know what they mean anymore or understand the Eastern environment in which they are really “true.” 

Copies of the book will be available at the study, but you can click the image for more details on the book or to order a copy.

Women’s Bible Study

wednesdays | 9:00 AM | @theeffect/SC

Song of Songs: Spiritual Intimacy

We are very excited to have you with us! No need to buy the book. The outline is online, and study questions were written by Donna Heinrich, who will be leading the study with Marian Brisbin. We will pass out everything you need each week. Just come as you are! It’s a beautiful study on the Songs of Songs and growing in intimacy with God… To take a look at the study outline: http://mikebickle.org/resources/series/song-of-songs (study notes PDF)

For more information, email Marian at [email protected] or call 949-291-2553.

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Everyone is recovering from something… Admitting this is the first step in spiritual life, because any unfinished business in our lives–trauma, unforgiveness, fear-based perceptions–fosters compulsive behavior and keeps us from connecting spiritually and emotionally.

Since we’re all recovering, we accept everyone right as they are—no expiration dates or deadlines. We don’t tell anyone what to believe or do. We present points of view that we hope will engage seekers in their own journey; help them unlearn limiting perceptions, beliefs, and compulsions; give opportunities to get involved in community, building the trust we all need to find real identity, meaning, and purpose. In other words, to engage the transforming Way of living life that Jesus called Kingdom…non-religiously understood from a first century Hebrew point of view.



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Embedded in the fun and laughter of each of our gatherings and events is the connection and accountability as well as the structure, discipline, and opportunity for service that authentic community is all about. We help create programs for physical support, emotional recovery, and spiritual formation that can meet any person’s needs. Such programs work at two levels: first to address a person’s physical and emotional stability—clinical, financial, relational,professional—anything that distracts from working on the second level: true spiritual formation centered around the contemplative way of life defined by an original Hebrew understanding of the message of Jesus.

Rather than telling people what to believe or think, we model and encourage engagement in a personal and communal spiritual journey that allows people to experience their own worthiness of connection and acceptance, to find the freedom from underlying fears that brings real meaning and purpose into focus.


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Seeing ourselves as a learning and recovery community that worships together, the focus isn’t on Sunday morning alone, but on every day of the week as we gather for worship, healing and support workshops, studies, 12 step meetings, counseling and mentoring sessions, referral services, and social events. We maintain a food pantry for those needing more support, a recovery worship gathering, and child care for those with little ones.

Our Sunday gathering starts at 10AM and our Recovery gathering on Tuesdays at 7PM. Both gatherings include worship with one of the best worship bands in the area. See our monthly calendar and our Facebook page to stay in touch with what is happening each week. You can also sign up on our elist for email enews updates.


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